How to Identify Phishing Email
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Tuesday, 09 August 2022

Here lists some samples to have your attention during daily work,

which helps you improve security awareness. 

***They were sent from non-CEIBS addresses (highlighted IN RED).   


1. Shared Files – A document link will be inserted to the email body. Emails/1.png


2. Password Expiration – Normally a highlight button on the email body Emails/2.png Emails/3.png


3. Account Expiration The account would expire unless you verify the password Emails/4.png



4. System Maintenance – Require entering account info to finish the system upgrade Emails/5.png




5. Fake Quarantine Email NotificationThe RELEASE button leads you to a page that requires password Emails/6.png



6. QR Code - Inserted into email body or attachment to lead user to scan and enter band card info Emails/Phishing Email - QR Code -1.png


Step1: Pretend to be the finance Dept. or government Dept. Emails/Phishing Email - QR Code -2.jpg



Step2: Click "马上进入申领", it will enter the fake band card page Emails/Phishing Email - QR Code -3.jpg Emails/Phishing Email - QR Code -4.jpg



Step 3: If you enter all these info and verification code, your balance would be transferred. Emails/Phishing Email - QR Code -5.jpg


Last Updated ( Wednesday, 10 August 2022 )