How to change the default print to black & white (Staff & Faculty)
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Monday, 25 April 2016


Go to Start Menu and open “Devices and Printers”, you will find "followme on hydra-0039” or such as "A3.320 2265" is installed on your computer. Right-click your default printer,  click “Printing preferences”.


If your default printer is "followme on hydra-0039” , in Paper / Output Tab, enable duplex print in “2 Sided Print”, change color in “Output Color” to "Black & White" and click "OK".


If your default printer is such as "A3.320 2265” , in Paper / Quality Tab, change color in “Color” to "Black & White" and click "OK".



Go to "System Preferences" and open "Printers & Scanners".


By default MAC system do not have Black and white print preset, so we need to add one.(the Default Settings of Presets only support color printing)

For Example, when you need to print one word file, go to "File > Print", then choose "Image Options" from dropdown list.


Change Output Color from "Color" to "Black and White".


Then Choose "Save Current Settings as Preset" from the Presets pop-up menu.


Type a name for the set of options: "Black&White", then click ok.


From now on,you can print Black&White from choose "Black&White" presets.

(By default, when you use the Print dialog, the selected preset is the last preset you used, if you want to use color printing, you can just change the presets back to Default Settings)

Last Updated ( Monday, 25 April 2016 )