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Friday, 18 August 2006

For network security and management purpose, all students' computers are required to be registered by IT department.

In registration, physical address (MAC address) of your computer's wired and wireless network adapter will be bound to a specific IP address. In addition, for MBA2008 student, your MAC address will be used to generate the license file of Minitab software which will be used in your first module.


You may have your computer registered through Online Registration or Offline Registration.

Registration via Email (Online Registration)

  • Get your MAC address of both wired and wireless network adapters in your computer. You may refer to the guide of How to Get MAC address.

  • Send MAC addresses to This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it and attach your student code in the message. For example,

Student Code: 081101

Wired: 00-1f-28-34-cc-e3

Wireless: 00-5c-18-24-fe-ba

  • While IT receives the message, they will register it in the database. The student just restarts their computer to obtain the new IP address. 

Registration via IT staff (Offline Registration)

  • Bring your laptop to temporary IT Help Desk at Room A2.207 according to the schedule attached.

  • IT staff will register your laptop as per the principle of "First come, first served".


The registration room is Room A2.207.

Registration Hotline: 2890-5955.

Network cable (3 meters in length) is available for sales. Those who need to buy could pay RMB 20 yuan for it in Finance Department and bring the receipt to IT to pick it up.


FAQ about registration:

1. Why shall I have to have my computer registered?

All computers granted access to internal resource should be identified. Because lots of internal IT resources will open to MBA student. To protect these resources from any threats caused by even a infected computer, students' computers are required to be registered. 


2. How can I lease a license of Windows XP from school and how does it cost?

You just pay for it in the Finance Department and then bring the receipt to IT department for registration. The license costs RMB 450 Yuan and will be effective during you study at CEIBS. IT are glad to reinstall the system when it crashes.


3. If I use Mac machine, how can I access to IT service and resource?

Because Mac machine isn't fully compatible with current IT system. Lots of service and resource can't be accessed through Mac macine. But Mac supports installing Windows system in hosted virtual machine. If your Mac machine have installed Windows system in hosted virtual machine, you can set up IT service in your hosted Windows environment. But please bring your laptop to IT Help Desk for registration at first.

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