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Thursday, 23 April 2015


CEIBS provides free WiFi service to all customers, including faculties, students, staffs and visitors, to surf internet on laptops, tablets, cellular phones, and other devices. CEIBS WiFi network covers all areas of campus. There are two WiFi SSIDs “CEIBS-A” and “CEIBS” broadcasting for connection by internal users and visitors respectively.



WiFi “CEIBS-A” is opened for user who has a valid CEIBS Account and prior to connect to “CEIBS-A”, users are required to logon with their CEIBS Account. After connection, besides internet access, internal IT resources will be opened to users.



WiFi “CEIBS” is opened for visitor or who hasn’t a CEIBS Account and user is required to pass SMS authentication. After connection, only internet access is delivered to user and internal IT resource will be isolated to access.

You can go to “How to Connect CEIBS WIFI ” to configure your device to be able to access the WiFi network.

NOTE: P2P downloading through campus network is disallowed.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 22 September 2016 )