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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

How to configure Outlook Anywhere(for Windows)

Automatically Configuration

1.     For windows 7, Click Start and Control Panel, Click Mail. 

For windows 8/10, you can search Control Panel in search bar.


2.     Click Add, input Profile name and Click OK. 


3.     Select E-mail Account, and Click Next.


4.   Input Your Name, E-mail Address and Password as below shows, then click Next.


5.     Input your Password, Select Remember my credentials, then Click OK.



 6.   After your email account was successfully configured, then click Finish.


7.     Click OK to Restart outlook for these changes to take effect.


Manully Configuration

Do the same steps 1,2,3 as above,  then follow the below steps.

4.     Select Manually configure server settings or additional server types, and Click Next.


5.     Select Microsoft Exchange or compatible service, Click Next.


6.     Input to Microsoft Exchange server, and Email address to User Name and Check Name, input User name and Password, Select Remember my password, then Click OK.


7.     Click More Settings, in Connection Tab, Check Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP, then Click Exchange Proxy Settings…


8.     Input after https://, and check Only Connect to proxy servers…, Select Basic Authentication, then Click OK.


9.  Last window and Click Finish.





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