How to Adjust Display and Appearance in Windows XP? PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 30 March 2007

Changing the Screen Font Size
Microsoft Windows XP allows you to adjust the size of the screen fonts for such items as the menu bar and dialog boxes. This can make the system easier to see and can reduce eyestrain.

The Appearance tab enables you to easily change your display font size for such items as the menu bar and dialog boxes, including the dialog boxes in the online Help system.

You have three main size choices: Normal, Large Fonts, and Extra Large Fonts.

1. Goto Control Panel, Double-click the Display icon;
2. Select the Appearance tab, choose Font Size from the list.

If your screen resolution makes screen items to small to view comfortably, you can increase the DPI to compensate. To change the font sizes only, please just do as the above.

1. Select the Settings tab, Select the Advanced button;
2. Select the General tab, choose the DPI setting from the list.


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