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Friday, 20 August 2004
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6. Email

Email is one of the most important tools for administration and communication in this School. The following are common email problems which should be avoided:

Broadcast mail or Mass mail

Sending inappropriate or irrelevant email to a large group of recipients will not only waste the recipients' time and disk space but can also interfere the normal operation of servers and network. Typical emails considered as inappropriate are:

  • advertisement

  • lost and found

  • announcement of student activities

  • survey and questionnaire

Chain mail

This is equivalent to chain letters, requesting recipient to duplicate a junk mail to others, generating a chain of emails. Users should NOT propagate such mails.

Fake and/or anonymous mail

Email should be sent with the email address assigned by the School. Sending email in the name of others (fake mail) and/or using anonymous mail is considered as acts of dishonesty and could lead to serious disciplinary actions.

Indecent mail

Emails should always be written with proper language and observe common courtesy.

Users should not use bad language or harass the recipient.

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