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Friday, 20 August 2004
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CEIBS IT Policies
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Adequate identification, authentication and authorization functions should be provided in computer systems and software applications, commensurate with appropriate use and the acceptable level of risk.

Activities outsourced to off-campus entities should comply with the same security requirements as in-house activities.

Resources to be protected include networks, computers, software, data and information. Both physical and logical integrity of these resources should be protected against threats such as unauthorized intrusions, malicious misuse, or inadvertent compromise.

In any cases, users are advised to consult IT Support Team should you have any queries or problems related to computer and network security. It is sure that a stable and secure IT Environment can be achieved with the efforts from every one of us.


4. The CEIBS Account

Access to restricted resources are provided by means of a CEIBS  Account. Users are responsible to maintain a secure password.

In emergency cases, network administrators are authorized to temporarily suspend the access of CEIBS  Accounts.


5. Software Copyright and Licenses

China has appropriate copyright and patent laws which govern the use of software and other intellectual properties. The School has also laid down a general policy regarding intellectual properties and software licenses. Users should ensure that all the software (data files inclusive) they install and use does not violate such laws and policies. In particular, users should note the following:

  • All software installed into individual machines must carry valid and appropriate license. This applies not just in offices but also in laboratories and open areas.

  • Users should not copy the software from the campus network and install into other machines without obtaining appropriate licenses.

  • Users should not distribute a software (e.g. setting up ftp server). 

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