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Tuesday, 19 September 2006

Microsoft Outlook maintains a nickname list that is used by both the automatic name checking and the automatic completion features. The nickname list is automatically generated as you use Outlook. If the nickname cache is corrupted, Outlook may not be able to identify recipients, may offer incorrect recipients when automatically completing the e-mail address, or may send the message to the wrong person.


Use the steps in the following section to reset the Outlook nickname cache for Microsoft Windows XP.

1. Quit Outlook.
2. Start Microsoft Windows Explorer.
3. On the Tools menu, click Folder Options, and then click the View tab.
4. Under Advanced Settings, click to select the Show hidden files and folders check box.
5. Click OK.

6. Click Start, point to Search, and then click All files or folders.
7. In the Search Companion box, type *.NK2 in the All or part of the file name box: box.
8. In the Look In box, click to select your local hard disk.
9. In the More Advanced Options, check Search hidden files and folders.
10. Click Search.


11. Right-click the .NK2 file with the name of the profile that you want to reset, and then click Delete.
12. Quit Windows Explorer.
13. Restart Outlook.

Outlook will generate a new nickname cache.

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