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Thursday, 24 August 2006

When using CEIBS email account, sometimes you will receive email with title as following 

 figure shown:



When there are suspicious incoming spam, instead of delete it directly, CIBS junkmail system

will place it in an isolated area named quarantine and send a notification mail to you to let you

deal with it by yourself. So do not delete notification mail blindly because the mail contains not

only suspicious spam list but also normal messages screened by mistake:




If any of the messages in your quarantined Email list are not spam, just click release link to

let them into your inbox. If you do not do any action, the suspicious spam in quarantine will

be deleted by system after 14 day(s).


To see all quarantined messages, click View all Quarantined Messages (spam number) link.

Browser will auto open your account’s quarantine zone operation interface. Alternative you

can also enter in the browser as below figure shown:



Click Continue to this website (not recommended), below page will show:


Ok, then use your own email account to login:

Quarantine zone operation interface appears:



From this interface you can mainly achieve two parts of functions:



Part I



Tick the spam you want to operate from list


l         Choose what you want to do from Select Action drop down list

l         click Submit to implement


Release: Let the mail you selected into inbox

Release and Add to Safelist: Let the mail you selected into inbox and mark the sender as safe

Delete: Delete the mail you selected from quarantine



Part II



Click Safelist link will go to safelist page 




You can add specified sender’s email address into Safelist permanetly    




Click block list link will go to blocklist page 



You can add specified sender’s email address into Blocklist permanently



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