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Friday, 18 August 2006

CEIBS Computer Lab

CEIBS large and modern computer lab, located in Room 205 of the Academic Center II provides advanced hardware, up-to-date software, and broadband internet connect for students and faculties to do studying and teaching at no cost (printing costs may vary).



Location: Room 205, Academic Center II

Opening Time: 9:00 A.M. - 22.00 P.M.

Computer: The lab houses 32 Dell OptiPlex 745 computers with Windows XP operation system, Microsoft Office 2003, and other commonly used software installed.

Storage: All the computers in the lab have been equipped with large internal hard disk drives and fast USB 2.0 ports for external storage.

Printer: A high-speed HP LaserJet printer could be found in the lab. You are responsible for all printing which occurs under your login. This means that if you forget to log out, and someone prints a document while logged in as you, YOU will be responsible for any charges incurred.


PC Usage in the Lab

1. Students are not allowed to install software on Lab PC's other than what is provided by the Professors. Any incidental software installations should be done on personal computers. Professors should make available to the IT Staff any software that is necessary for a class at least a term (2 weeks) in advance.

2. The use of any program playing sounds and/or music requires the use of headphones, which are not provided.

3. Food and drinks are not permitted inside the Lab.

4. The Computer Lab is a place of work; all users are urged to keep the noise level down to the absolute minimum and to refrain from socializing in the lab.

5. Locking workstations in the Computer Lab is not permitted, and repeated violation of this policy may result in the revocation of lab use privileges.

6. Users should not leave valuable belongings unattended. IT will take no responsibility for the loss of any personal property.

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