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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Now we will move your mailbox to exchange 2016. Loss of email won't happened during moving. After that some impacts on mailbox  clients maybe appear and need your attention. You can follow the below steps or tips for your reference.

Client Version 1. Outlook 2010 SP2 or updates KB2956191 and KB2965295/Outlook 2013

·    Prompt Logon Credential

a.  When your outlook is opened during moving, it will be frozen at the end of moving and when it is completed, outlook will do some auto re-configuration then pop-up the below window first and need to restart.


b.  Enter your ceibs account and password.


c.  Click "Yes" to allow outlook as default program for E-mail, Calendar and Contacts.


d.  On the right bottom of outlook you will find mailbox connection status is "Online with Microsoft Exchange". It is OK  to update all mails, calendar and contacts now.


·    Can't Send/Receive Emails

a.  If Outlook always can't connect to exchange server to send/receive emails and even it always prompts your username or password is incorrect when you try to re-add your ceibs email account as below.



b.  Then go to control panel to add your ceibs email account again.





·    Error to Open A Shared Calendar

a.  If Outlook pops up the below window when you click a shared calendar. Click "OK".

b.  Then close your shared mailbox or calendar first in your outlook.

c.  Please re-add your shared mailbox or calendar. If problem persists, please call our IT Helpdesk.


Client Version 2. Outlook 2016


Outlook will finish auto re-configuration and no pop-up window appears. Outlook will connect to Microsoft exchange server successfully. Calendar and meeting request  are also not affected.



1.  Mail on mobile devices can be used as usual after moving. If not worked, you can follow the guide HERE and try to re-add your ceibs e-mail account on your mobile devices.


2Outlook on the Web (previous Webmail) new interface is serving as below.


 3.  Below is New features for Outlook on the Web of exchange 2016.


General Changes

a.  Now the email web access called Outlook on the Web(Previously called Outlook Web Access/Outlook Web App).

b.  Change display photo by user self.

c.  Support Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11, and most recent version of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari Browsers.

d.  Better experience on Mobile device – Main Interface self-adaption.

Mail Changes

a.  Hyperlink preview

     ------ If the email contains a hyperlink, a preview of the website will display.

b.  New Emojis

     ------ It supports inserting emojis when editing email body.

c.  Change display settings

     ------ Show reading pane on the right or at bottom or hide.

     ------ Notifications area      

          ①. Click a Ring icon on the upper-right corner, notification area would display in the right area of the interface.

          ②.This area includes Reminder, Unread Emails, Time to change your password warning.

     ------ New themes

          ①. 13 new themes with graphic designs.

 d.  Pin and Flag

     ------ Which allow user to keep essential emails at the top of their inbox(Pins) and mark others for follow-up(Flags).

     ------ Quickly find and manage flagged items with inbox filters.

 e.  Archive

     ------ One-click archiving allows user to quickly move messages out of the inbox to a folder of user’s choice.

 f.  Offline access

     ------ Allows user to offline-use Outlook on the Web. When network has recovered, Outlook on the Web will automatically update the offline information(Similar with Outlook offline mode).

     ------ Official document (Click here )

Calendar Changes

a.  Has an updated look and new features, including email reminders for Calendar events, ability to propose a new time in meeting invitations, improved search, and birthday calendars.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 13 September 2017 )
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