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Monday, 29 August 2016

What shall I do for my computer if I'm a new student?

When you arrive campus, please connect to WiFi "CEIBS-A" at first. Then complete IT registration. Finally you can configure your computer to use IT service, such as setup public printer, setup email profile, linking to MBA student sharing space. You may try to do it by yourself by following these guides.


How many MAC address can I register?

In principle, MBA student can register two MAC addresses for any devices which will be used at CEIBS. That means you may register MAC addresses for both wired adapter and wireless adapter on  your laptop or one MAC address for wireless adapter on your laptop and one MAC address for wireless adapter on your iPad. Any devices can be registered but only two MAC addressed can be registered. And because Network Admission Control will distinguish wired adapter and wireless adapter when to apply for network control policy. In online computer registration program, please indicate which MAC address is for wired adapter if there is. By default, the MAC address you enter is for wireless adapter. 

Why can't my computer connect to Student Sharing Space (\\\Box )?

There are several reasons result in failure.

  • If your computer joined your formed corperation domain, please remove your computer from the domain. Because removing domain maybe lose data, please do it carefully. Maybe some security policies applied on your computer will impact on it.
  • If you computer has been installed some 3rd-party firewall, such as Norton Internet Security, McAfee Security Center, Rising, ISS Personal Firwall and so forth, please uninstall it. At school, you may install McAfee Virusscan Enterprise and turn on Windows Firewall.
  • If your account isn't local administrator, please try to grant local administrator permission.
  • Please use your full email address, such as This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it , and your mailbox password to pass the authentication.
  • Some wrong network settings will also impact on it. Just bring your laptop to IT Help Desk at Room A2.205 for a check.

Why is my computer very slow?

Some computers were installed several anti-virus tools. It isn't suggested. Please reserve one of anti-virus tool on your computer. And make sure it isn't expired, otherwise please install McAfee Virusscan Enterprise. The software can be found at Student Sharing Space.

When shall I re-register my computer?

In following case, your computer should be re-registered by IT department.

  • You change your computer.
  • Mother board of computer is replaced.
  • Any of network adapter in your computer is changed.
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