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Tuesday, 01 July 2014


Please follow below steps:

·       Copy  the network path \\  in folder not browser to install the MBA printer directly


·         Enter the CEIBS account to login and click “Remember my credentials



·         Continue to “Install driver”.



·         Go to Start Menu and open “Devices and Printers”, you will find “MBA-Printer on” is installed on your computer. Right-click MBA-Printer,  click “Printing preferences”.



·         In Paper / Output Tab, change paper size in “Paper Select”, enable duplex print in “2 Sided Print”, change color in “Output Color”.




* After finishing to setup the MBA printer , please pay more attention to the relative function and items.


1. "Follow Me Printing" this function is that you can print paper by nearest MBA Public Printer. For detail, please follow paper guide beside printer or check "All Services on Printer ". And you can also follow the guide "Badge Card Registration " to bind your student card or transportation card on printer. 


2. CEIBS provides public printing service to MBA Student through 7 all-in-one printers. Students are given an initial free black & white print quota and color printing is charged for rate. For more details, please refer to "IT Resources and Services Quick Guide for MBA Students".


3. Note!! If Printer Doesn’t Work

·      Please disconnect VPN first if you connected.

·      If you change CEIBS account password, please refer to the guide “What to Do for MBA Students after Changing CEIBS Account Password ".


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