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Monday, 06 August 2007
CEIBS provides the user another way to check email outside CEIBS. That’s CEIBS WEBMail. The user can log on to the WEBMail system through the link in the CEIBS Homepage or go to directly. 


l   Get access to the CEIBS WEBMail through the link in CEIBS Homepage

1.         Type CEIBS website address at address bar of Internet Explorer. Click the link of “Webmail” at the bottom of website.


2.         Input your CEIBS Account in the Logon window. The format of username should be “ceibs\username”.Please choose basic if your system is Vista, otherwise the webmail will not work properly.  The logon page enables the user to select the security option that best fits their requirements. The Public or shared computer option (selected by default) provides a short default time-out option of 15 minutes. User should select the Private computer option only if the user is the sole operator of the computer, and the computer adheres to that user’s organizational security policies. When selected, the Private computer option allows for a much longer period of inactivity before automatically ending the session-its internal default value is 24 hours. Essentially, this option is intended to benefit Outlook Web Access users who are using personal

 computers in their office or home.



3.         Then you get into the CEIBS WEBMail interface.



l   If you want to get access to the CEIBS WEBMail through the URL of Just type the URL at address bar of Internet Explorer. Then repeat the steps from 2. In case of failure of CEIBS Website, you can use this way to get access to the CEIBS WEBMail.
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